Roofing Fast Facts

License & Insurance: We are licensed in ever municipality that we do work in.
We carry full Liability & Workman's Compensation Insurance and will have our agent send you a certificate upon request.


How to Prepare for Your Project:

  • Remove all items that may fall from your walls; as we are not responsible for these items if they break.
  • Move your Cars, Boats, RV's etc.. from the perimeter of your home as debris may fall at any time.
  • Prepare yourself for the noise.
  • We will need electricity if your home does not have outlets outside; please leave an extension cord through a window or door.
  • Keep Children & Pets away from the work area!
  • Please cover anything you may want to protect from falling debris as small parts of shingles and dirt will fall into the attic and possibly your garage.
  • We will make every effort to clean up when we are finished however some nails hidden in grass or shrubbery will remain. We will use a magnetic roller to ensure we find as many of these as possible.
  • We will reinstall any antennas that we remove however it may need to be re-aligned by your satellite company. We are not responsible for the repositioning of these items.
  • Trucks used in this trade are very large and very heavy; be advised that they may crack your driveway especially if it is weak. We will not be responsible for damage should it occur.

Insurance Company Payments: Depending on your policy you may have RC-Replacement Cost or ACV Actual Cash Value. If you have a RC Policy the insurance company will pay to have any damaged areas replaced minus your deductible. If you have an ACV Policy any damaged areas will depreciate in value every 10 years, if your roof has any damages you will only receive the depreciated value. You may receive insurance settlement checks in 2 or 3 installments this is normal. If there are discrepancies in your insurance estimate and ours we will be happy to work with your insurance company to resolve any issues. 

Warranty: All material used is guaranteed by the manufacturer thereof; which is called your manufacturer warranty. All labor required for the replacement shall be done in accordance with standard practices and will be guaranteed (Workmanship Warranty) for a period of 5 year(s) from the initial date of installation or beneficial use by contractor or owner, which ever is sooner, provided the need for such labor is not due to ordinary wear and tear or due to improper maintenance of the material involved. Please remember that these warranties are not valid until your account is paid in full.

Payments: We do collect 50% down on all projects over $5,000.00 this can be made out directly to Premier Xteriors or can be given in the form of a joint check to us and the supply house. We operate like this to avoid any possibility of a Mechanic's Lien being placed on your property. We pay for our products up front we do not have our supply house bill us. Should you utilize a company that does not pay for materials up front you run the risk of them for some unforeseen circumstance not being able to pay for your materials and the supplier can place a Lien on your property. All remaining balances will be due upon the completion of the job. 

Impact Resistant Rebates: Some insurance companies will give a discount for hail-resistant material. The following is an example of some of the products that are considered impact resistant. You will need to check with your insurance company to verify if any discounts are offered.

OC Tru Def Duration Storm-Dimensional-40YR
Malarkey Alaskan-3-Tab-35YR
Certainteed Landmark IR-Dimensional-40YR
Tamko Lamerite-Synthetic Slate-50YR
Malarkey Legacy-Dimensional-50YR